A Pre-School Day

The start of the day

Once the door is open at 9am you can bring your children in, find their named peg and ensure they are changed into their indoor shoes. Place their named water bottle in the tray and if they have a lunch box with them this should be placed on the lunch trolley so that we can keep these all together and pop them in the fridge.


We encourage self-registration of the children each morning.  Every child is provided with a name card which should be placed onto the registration board each morning, this helps with name recognition and gives each child a sense of responsibility. The children can then go off and find an activity and get started on their day in the setting.


We aim to be flexible during our sessions in order to accommodate spontaneous opportunities. However, in general our sessions include the following:


Indoor Free Play

A variety of planned activities are set out around the pre-school in accordance with the children's next steps and each area within the EYFS curriculum.  Children are encouraged and supported to join in with these activities throughout the day.


We always ensure that there is a variety of messy play activities available for the children which enables and supports their sensory development as well as their development of mathematical skills and their scientific lines of enquiry.


There are many dressing up outfits and small world toys to encourage imaginative play, quiet spaces to read or reflect and many places to explore new things and experiences.


Outdoor Free Play

We are lucky enough to have an enclosed outside area.  Being outdoors is the very best place for children to practice and master their emerging physical skills.  It is outside that our pre-schoolers can fully and freely experience gross motor skills such as running, jumping and climbing.


We operate a free flow system which enables the children access to the garden at all times throughout their session.  Just like inside, the garden is set up daily in line with the childrens' next steps, each area of the EYFS curriculum and include adult led activities, giving the children a wide variety of learning opportunities.


Snack Time

We ask for each child to bring in a named water bottle which is kept in the drinks tray so that all children have access to water at any point during their day.


We operate a rolling snack time from 9.30am, the children choose when to join the snack table when they are ready to take a break in their play.  There is always an adult present to keep the children company and offer any help needed.


Children are responsible for their own snack; choosing what they would like, cutting it up themselves and pouring their own milk or water.  They are also responsible for washing up their items when they have finished.


Rolling snack time enables the children to make decisions, gives them a sense of responsibility as well as offering an array of social interaction.



On Monday and Wednesday mornings we have PE sessions.  These are held in the Primary school hall and we encourage children to bring in a simple PE it to change into, all of which help to encourage school readiness.


The sessions are run by a local company and our teacher Ben uses his wealth of knowledge and experience to engage and enthuse the children about getting active. The children love to learn to catch, run, skip, jump and lots more! 


Home Time

Children leaving after the morning sessions put on their outdoor clothes and are given their belongings (treasures, paintings, etc.) to take home. Children remaining in the setting are seated for lunch.


At the end of the day the children prepare to go home and await collection together, usually taking part in a music session or their story of the week.


The chalk board outside the Pre-School is filled out on a daily basis letting parents know what activities have been on offer for that day.  Feedback is also given daily at collection by your child's Key Person.