Clothing & footwear 


Please could all clothing likely to be removed at pre-school be clearly labelled with your children’s names, e.g. coats, wellingtons and especially pre-school branded sweatshirts. The latter are available in a variety of sizes to order directly from pre-school.  

Should you wish to purchase nametags, the fundraising team have an arrangement with that each purchase results in a donation to the setting, details of which can be found here. 

We ask for your child to be dressed in comfortable clothes. Old clothes are best as many messy activities take place, e.g. painting and gluing. At Pre-School we do use aprons to protect their clothes but inevitably some splashes do occur!


We ask for a waterproof coat to be provided each day your child attends – as we freeflow in the setting, the children always have access to the outdoor area, regardless of the weather.

We try to encourage the children’s independence at pre-school, so being able to cope with their own clothes when going to the toilet is very important – dungarees and jeans with stiff buttons and zips are not very easy for small children to cope with. Ideally, tracksuits and leggings with elasticated waistbands are really the best for warmth and independence.

If your child is not toilet trained when he/she is due to start pre-school, do not worry, we are quite happy for them to wear a nappy or pull-ups and to change them when required. We ask you to provide spare nappies / pull-ups when dropping them off in the morning. When you feel your child is ready to progress onto the next stage we will work with you, helping in any way we can.

Please note that during the summer, a sun hat must be provided.


We ask that you please provide your children with named pairs of both indoor shoes and wellington boots at every session.  The children are able to freeflow inside and out as they wish and we like to have footwear suitable for each environment.


It is important that the footwear your child wears to pre-school is easily removed and has fastenings that you feel your child can manage.  We do of course help the children if needed, but it is good to encourage their independence. 


If your child attends on a Monday or Friday morning we ask that your child has suitable footwear for the PE sessions such as trainers.