Child Protection

Ellie, along with Claire and Helen are the allocated child protection designated person for the setting.

As providers of childcare, we have a duty to take reasonable action to ensure the safety and welfare of the children in our care. If we have cause to be concerned that a child might be experiencing neglect, ill treatment, or any other form of abuse they will follow the Cambridgeshire’s child protection procedures and inform social care of their concern.


All Fenstanton Pre-School members of staff and committee are required to have full DBS safety checks before employment which have been carried out by the registering authority.  


If you have any concerns about a child and want advice or to make a referral you can call 0345 045 5203 weekdays and out of hours or weekends 01733 234 724.  Or if you have any concerns or allegations against an adult please follow the “allegation against an adult in the setting” flowchart which is a green and yellow flowchart located in the hallway on the notice board.