Our Ethos

We aim to provide the best possible start to our children's future by offering a safe, secure, stimulating and enabling environment in which our children can feel confident to explore, have fun and learn through play.


We recognise that children’s learning is holistic and that they are active learners who need space and opportunities to explore, experiment and invent.


We utilise our free flow between inside and our large garden to accommodate the children’s different learning styles. We encourage our children to explore their own limitations and to use their senses to explore their environment thus helping to develop healthy bodies and healthy minds 


All children are valued and respected for their own abilities, interests, ideas, thoughts and opinions. We acknowledge the importance of the child’s voice, promoting communication skills in all areas of our setting.  

Our Values


  • We communicate regularly with parents and families of the setting
  • We communicate children's next steps and progress regularly to parents
  • We undertake regular staff meetings to ensure all staff are engaged in the setting playing an active role in continuous improvement
  • We prioritise open and transparent committee/employee relationships, with open attendance at committee meetings 
  • We take personal responsibility for providing meaningful feedback to parents regarding their child's development, supporting home learning links
  • We support and advocate open and transparent communication within our team to ensure continuous professional development of the setting
  • With parents' permission we will liaise with external agencies honestly and openly to ensure that a full picture of a child's development can be obtained
  • We promote good behaviour by adhering to agreed strategies
  • We provide a creative, stimulating and engaging environment for children
  • We are innovative in the use of space to encourage the characteristics of effective learning in all children
  • We actively participate in networking and development events to ensure we keep abreast of developments in the early years framework
  • We identify new resources to challenge children's ways of thinking
  • We tailor learning opportunities for children based on their learning styles
  • We ensure children have access to good core resources, such as sand, water, and block play to support learning enquiry, and experimentation
  • We actively contribute and gain new ideas through training and publications
  • We all pledge to be pro active in our own development in order to progress and maintain best working practice
  • We provide age and stage appropriate developments that are centered on the individual child
  • We support children and families through their different life transitions whilst with us, including the transition of moving on to school