How We Communicate With Parents

We are on hand to talk to parents at drop off and pick up times. At the preschool itself, outside and in the lobby, we have noticeboards for:

  • Daily happenings
  • Pre-school information
  • Key Person information
  • Information for Parents to share


We use software called "Tapestry" to give parents access at any time to their child's online learning journal.  Parents can also contribute to these by uploading comments, photos and videos from home. 


We also understand some working parents, or partners, may find it hard to get to preschool. We address this by trying to engage in other ways that suit you as parents, for example email updates or specific times suitable for you to meet with your child's Key Person.  In addition-

  • We maintain a “Parents” email group so that our frequent messages, updates and reminders can be sent without being lost in transit and without damaging any trees!
  • We have a closed Parents/ Carers Facebook group. This is a great page to see what is going on in the setting and allows staff, committee and parents to interact with each other, sharing information and news. 

We hope you like our website! If there is anything else you think we need to include please let us know.